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A selection of audio and video, interviews and music. Of course, we will continue to add to our collection. All the Youtube pages are together and below are links to outside pages too. Enjoy!! 



In a dressing room in Birmingham, amidst a myriad of technical problems, cake, beer, noisy singing neighbours and a hero of a drummer, the Temple Priestesses have a bit of a natter with Stone Gods, Dan, Toby & Richie about the tour, the album, Dan's cat, the fans and lots of other stuff. What started out quite sane, soon turned to giggly madness and fun was had by all. Totally bonkers and off the cuff!! Anyways, hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Big thanks to the lads, Johnny (tour manager extraordinaire) and all the other awesome people we were lucky to meet that night.


Stone Gods - Cambridge Junction 24.11.08

Knight of The Living Dead





Optimum Impact - Norwich UEA 23.11.08

Apologies  for the slight distortion in sound in a couple of places - I think the soundchecking was vibrating the recorder! And, for the distortion in the interviewer. I was NOT a well bunny! - Jo/Sixsister/Priestess/emilystrange and whoever else I was being at the time... 




Temple Talks To Robin Goodridge


The Temple were fortunate enough to catch up with the lads, specifically Robin our new God, in Sheffield on the Airbourne Tour - 6 November 08. Check out Robin discussing his past, his transition into Stone Gods, and the future... oh and his favourite nuts!


Part One



Part Two






Richie talks to Moonlight - for original podcast link click here gods richie int.mp3


Ditto Music Live - Thursday 16th October 2008


Dont Drink The Water

Magdalene Street Dont drink The Water


Whiplash Cover



The Interview bit



Don't Drink The Water - official video added 19.9.08



Many thanks to Martina for the link!

PS - found a little but of text added on 26.12.08 online, by the guy who shot the video: 

Music video I shot for the Stone Gods (used to be The Darkness minus Justin), with a very very low budget. Not the best quality as it's Youtube.....
Three man crew, two hours filming time as the band were rehearsing for their tour, but happy with it.
Fans were happy, band were and went in at no.2 in the rock chart, so we were all pleased and it got a lot of requests on NME tv which was a bonus.
Hope some of you like it

Max Langton

Stone Gods - Live - Dundee Doghouse - Whiplash - June 08


Massive thanks to Emz and Meems

Stone Gods - Knight Of The Living Dead - Leeders Farm 2008


Stone Gods - You Brought A Knife To A Gunfight 


Stone Gods - Magdalene Street - Studio Acoustic Version 8 January 2008


Ed's Fishing Trip - A bit of a giggle from the lads 


Radio 6 - Bruce Dickinson Show - Dan and Richie interview each other

Part One


Part Two


Part Three 


 Angel Of Metal Interview - Jan 08 - Thanks Vix

Part One


Part Two


Part Three 




Stone Gods Nottingham Jan 08
- Thanks Lulu!!










BDFM Rock Show - Black Diamond Radio's Mad Dan interview Stone Gods Richie, Toby and Dan on tour in Scotland in June 

ROCK OF AGES - Stone Gods Interview - - Many many thanks to our friends at Rock Of Ages, Andy and Bill for recording this for those who missed it on the night. Please.. check out their site and leave some lovely comments too! Guys, you rock!!

Metal Gods Podcast - Log into the members area, then click Metal Gods TV Podcast! There is an interview with the band, and also gig footage from the Nottingham gig!